Pumped Up Kicks and Rubber Shoes

rubber shoes

Ever tried walking barefoot for a long time? Hurts isn’t it? Luckily we live in an era where foot wear is readily available within your reach. Just think about the time when everything was so Stone Age, you have to go around walking and running and doing everything with what you have. But hey, there are still a lot of people living with no shoes in this day and age; this is … [Read more...]

Drakes of London x J. Crew

Woman Wearing Drake's Scarf

The way that scarves complement the clothes that women wear these days makes these pieces of accessories a real necessity for those who are true fashion geeks. We are quite lucky today as the famous brand called as Drakes of London has allowed its product range to have more diversity. From the  that they got known for, they have proven to be good in producing diverse … [Read more...]

Whiter Teeth Right Now!

White Teeth

What’s one thing in a woman’s arsenal that can ensure a quick double-take or even a lingering look from an admiring audience? Her smile, of course! Unfortunately, many women aren’t confident enough to smile that way because of the color of their teeth. There used to be a time when whitening your teeth was troublesome and expensive but now it’s much easier! The question is: … [Read more...]