All-Time Favorite Must-Have Womens Fashion Accessories

womens fashion accessories

While some people regard womens fashion accessories as little things that add that extra oomph to one’s outfit, fashion savvy people know that they are the ones that not just complete the whole look of a person the minute he/she goes out the street but could also be the perfect pieces to create a whole lot of other looks. Think of your favorite shirt, pants, skirt, shorts, … [Read more...]

Howard Yount Double Monks

Howard Yount Double Monk Strap

Maintaining a look that reflects confidence and class is something that would not depend mostly on the menswear elements like pants or suits. The role of perfect footwear is also deemed to be important as well. Getting access to double monks, which have been seen as the final completing element to any classic look, could be easy. This is of course if you have the money for … [Read more...]