Bearings – Nashville Launch Gathering

Nashville Launch

The Nashville Launch of Bearings hosted by  was such a blast. People expected it to be a great event and nobody was disappointed. The Launch Party was just as everyone thought it would be. Billy Reid was the perfect venue. Great food was served and drinks came freely. The event was a success not only because the Nashville Launch was received pretty well but because it became … [Read more...]

Insert clever title about ‘Vests’ here…


With the weather changing most of us are confused about our choice of clothes every morning. Nature hasn’t made up its mind yet whether it is done with winters yet and summers are back on or not, and so we also find it difficult to make up our mind every morning about what we should wear. A sunny morning should mean one can get away with a single layer of light t-shirt or … [Read more...]

Made in Tennessee


If you want to sport that manly-man image with your appropriate Southern Cowboy fashion, you better check those items at the Billy Reid online shop. You will surely find the right to outfit for dressing to impress your date. There are hand crafted leather goods that are proudly made in Tennessee. … [Read more...]

Billy Reid at (capsule)


Billy Reid was once again featured at the  along with other 100 designers who are ready to showcase their latest designs. However, it is he who has been making waves in the fashion industry being sought after by major brands like Levi’s, J. Crew, and even Coach. With a partnership like such, we can only expect things to get fashionably better though we might have to save up … [Read more...]

K-Swiss by Billy Reid

Billy Reid for K-Swiss

One of the most comfortable options that you could ever go for at the current times if you need  would be the brand called K-Swiss. Designs that feature collaboration with menswear designer known as Billy Reid could be found all over the market now. The thing that distinguishes items from the K-Swiss by Billy Reid collection are the faded canvas materials. These have been the … [Read more...]