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Cuff Links Buying Guide

What is a cuff link? Cuff links are those that you see in a suit used to link to parts of either a cuff or a dress shirt. Traditionally, they come in gold and silver colors. They also come in different designs; it may be simple or complicated depending on the suit. Cufflinks are used for suits of men; … Continue Reading

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The 2014 Fall Makeup Looks To Achieve

The air seems a bit colder and the leaves sure are a mix of colors. It’s the time of the year again to enjoy the hues of your fall makeup palette. Check the best colors this season, read on!

Love & Sex – How can I Understand Women?

Love & Sex – Why Women Need Men

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3 Biggest Myths About Men Debunked

Find out the 3 biggest myths about men and why they are not true! There’s definitely more to your man that meets the eye so don’t let misconceptions put a blemish to your relationship.