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What Makes Google Now Amazing

Are you wondering what the hype about Google Now is all about? Chances are you see their ads literally everywhere you go. New Yorkers even feel that it has dominated their world because they see it at billboards and banners and even taxi cabs on their way to the office and still see them as they watch their … Continue Reading

Modern Makeup

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The 2014 Fall Makeup Looks To Achieve

The air seems a bit colder and the leaves sure are a mix of colors. It’s the time of the year again to enjoy the hues of your fall makeup palette. Check the best colors this season, read on!

Love & Sex – How can I Understand Women?

Love & Sex – Why Women Need Men

myths about men

3 Biggest Myths About Men Debunked

Find out the 3 biggest myths about men and why they are not true! There’s definitely more to your man that meets the eye so don’t let misconceptions put a blemish to your relationship.